Product Support

6-19-2015 - We just received a small production batch of CREE XP-L HI V3 LED in 3A color bin. CREE removes the dome on the regular XP-L (now called XP-L HD) and put a flat protective silicon coating on top to protect the emittor and the internal wiring. Unlike custom dedome, you still get normal LED output color without the dome. On average the XP-L HI V3 scores more than twice lux reading at one meter compared to the XM-L2 U2 LED, and still maintain similar amount of output. The XP-L HI is still hard to come and expensive at this stage. We have no ETA on when we will get more XP-L HI LED. Here are the performance measurement for the CREE XPL HI P60 dual level dropins.

MAX level: 22,000 lux @ one meter, 325 yards / 297 meters beam distance
MAX level: 1090 LED Lumen | 895 ANSI Lumen